Member Protection

A big thank you to all our Belwest Volunteers who fill roles within the Club–Coaches, Managers, Committee members and other support roles.
Belwest Foxes Soccer Club Inc. Member Protection Policy required that all adults (over 18) who volunteer as:

  • Coach or Manager of children's team
  • Referee/Referee Coordinator
  • Committee or Support Member
  • other Volunteer

must be registered as a volunteer on Play Football, apply for, receive and maintain a Working With Vulnerable People Card for the length of their service as a volunteer at Belwest.

Every sporting and recreation organisation that works with children and young people has an obligation to provide a safe environment for them and those volunteers who have contact with children in ACT clubs and associations, including Belwest Foxes Soccer Club Inc., are captured under the regulated activity called ‘Clubs, associations and movements’. To be compliant with the WWVP Act, ALL Belwest Volunteers must apply for registration with Access Canberra to work with vulnerable people in a regulated activity.

We are asking our Belwest Volunteers to lead the way and please register as soon as possible. We are required to have all Belwest Volunteers registered. It is FREE for volunteers to apply and the registration is valid for 3 years. Below is some information on the Act.

Registering for the first time

Working with vulnerable people (WWVP) registration overview

Renewing? Do it online

Working with vulnerable people (WWVP) registration renewal

If you are renewing with Belwest, the following information is needed.

Club: Belwest Foxes Soccer Club Inc.

Address: PO Box 155, Kippax ACT 2615

Contact Person: Renee Osburne – Secretary

Contact Number: 0418 977 834

Email address:

Once you have received your card in the mail, Belwest needs to sight the card and requires the information (Name, Card No and Expiry date) for our records, you can bring it to Latham any Saturday during the Junior Season.

If you are unable to obtain or have been denied a WWVP Card for any reason, you are not be able to volunteer for any role at Belwest and you must remove yourself from any role currently being undertaken.

If you have and questions regarding the above please contact the Belwest committee.

Additional Information

Under the Act (referred to below), Belwest is required to comply with the Working with Vulnerable People Act 2011. The Working with Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Act 2011 (the WWVP Act) commenced on 8 November 2012. The Act aims to reduce the risk of harm or neglect to vulnerable people in the ACT. The WWVP Act requires people who have contact with vulnerable people while engaging in regulated activities and services to register with Access Canberra.

According to the Act:

1.24 Clubs, associations and movements

An activity or service is a regulated activity if—

(a) the activity is conducted, or the service is provided, by a club, association or movement (including of a cultural, recreational or sporting nature); and

(b) the club association or movement has significant membership or involvement by—

     (i) children; or

    (ii) people accessing a regulated activity mentioned in part 1.2.


1.    a children’s football team

2.    an art class for people who require assistance to live independently

Under the implementation of the Act, the table below shows the timeframe for volunteers in each regulated activity to be registered.

Year Regulated activity Timeframe for first registration


  • coaching and tuition
  • vocational and educational training
  • clubs, associations and movements
  • migrants, refugees and asylum seekers

Must be registered